Megan Lederhose

Megan studied her MBA to future proof her career ahead a possible sector change and gain transferrable skills for career progression.

  • Location:
  • Industry:
    Government & Defence
  • Job Function:
  • Programme:
  • Motivation:
    Improve professional credibility Career Change
  • Challenges:
    Family commitments Balance and Time Management
  • Year of Graduation:

Why did you decide to study an MBA?

I felt that I needed to future-proof my career. I’ve been in the public sector for 20 years and I felt that if I did need to leave the public sector, I was concerned that my skills wouldn’t be as transferable into the private sector. So, I thought doing an MBA would help me enhance my skills and make them more transferable. MBA demands a lot of time.

What were the best aspects of studying online with AIB?

The best aspects of studying online with AIB was the flexibility that online study allows you. Also, the availability of the teaching staff was really good. And the resources were really extensive, which made researching for assessment topics, really good.

How has the AIB MBA helped you with any type of career progression or career success?

I think my AIB MBA will help because it will demonstrate to employers that I have my own personal drive, and that I can undertake challenging tasks and see them through to the end, and that I show initiative as well.

What do you think your daughters have learned through seeing you study? 

That it’s never too late to study. It’s not something that is just left for people that have left high school and go to uni; that you can change your career path anytime during your life. And that if you want something, you work for it and it pays off.

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