Ever wondered how much an MBA could be worth to you? Based on our graduate data, you can now see how the Fast-Track MBA could affect your income with our MBA ROI Calculator. Remember, before you make any financial decisions, you should seek advice from a qualified professional regarding your personal circumstances and financial affairs.

What is the return on investment of an MBA?

If you’re considering studying an MBA, it can be helpful to think of the qualification as an investment in your future. While there are many benefits that make an MBA a worthwhile investment, the potential salary increases post-MBA are where the financial benefits of the qualification are most apparent.

According to the 2021 Alumni Survey, Australian MBA graduates see strong salary increases each year within the first five years after completing their MBA, contributing to much stronger future earnings than if they had not completed their MBA.

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Calculate your MBA ROI

Estimate your potential return on investment from our Fast-Track MBA by calculating your potential future earnings with and without completing the MBA.

Enter your details into the MBA ROI calculator below to get your estimates.

How the MBA ROI calculator works

This calculator is intended to be used as an educational tool. It uses the following assumptions and methodology to provide you with an indication of your potential post-MBA salary increase. All examples shown in this tool are illustrative and are not guaranteed. Your actual return on investment may differ to any of the outputs generated by this calculator.

MBA salary increases:

This tool uses self-reported data disclosed by Australian MBA graduates in the 2021 Alumni Survey, as conducted in October 2021. This calculator assumes that you will achieve an equal salary increase over 4 years to the self-reported average in the 2021 Alumni survey.

It is important to note that the survey data was only used for calculations in the first 4 years. For years 5 and beyond salary growth is set at 1.5% pa. This is based on a default CPI assumption that salaries will rise at a rate of 1.5% pa.

See below for further information regarding the % growth rates used to calculate YoY post MBA salary increases.

year 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5
 8.02%  5.82%  5.07%  4.81%  CPI

No individual assumptions:

The MBA ROI calculator does not take into account any individual circumstances, financial situations or any other unpredictable events that may alter your salary earnings.

No tax or superannuation deductions:

All amounts are shown without any tax or superannuation adjustments or deductions.

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