4 Strategies To Fit The MBA Into Your Busy Lifestyle

4 Strategies To Fit The MBA Into Your Busy Lifestyle

Offering an MBA designed for the working adult, AIB has worked with students around the world to help fit the MBA into their lifestyles. Support and flexibility are key factors in the journey, however each student will have their own experience. Building a routine around already existing commitments is essential, and will assist with the prioritising of study. If you’re wondering how you can fit the MBA into your already busy lifestyle – look to implement the following four strategies.

1. Create a routine which works for you

Every person is different, therefore the preferred study times and range of personal commitments will differ from person to person. From the beginning, it is important to recognise how many hours of study will be necessary for the MBA, and create a routine which can fit the MBA into your day-to-day life. AIB MBA graduate Paolo Trevisan explains that “I was working from 9am to 5pm at the time, and would attend the MBA classes on the weekends. I would study mostly during the evenings after my daughter had gone to bed, from about nine until midnight every night”. Andrew Werner, AIB MBA graduate, also adds that it is very important to “start with a routine at the beginning of [your] studies, and try to maintain it”.

2. Turn to your family for support

There is no doubt that the MBA journey will be challenging, therefore the support of those closest to you will be important for success. AIB MBA graduate Jodi Howie advises that “My husband was fantastic and I couldn’t have done the MBA without his support. It was all the little things that he did that made a difference, such as encouraging me, cooking dinner, and doing the cleaning when I didn’t have time”.  When enrolling in an MBA programme, it is important to discuss the commitments with those around you, and how you plan to fit the MBA into your lifestyle. Like Jodi, you may require assistance from time to time, and knowing you have a support network behind you will be very beneficial.

3. Choose a programme which offers support and flexibility

Whether you’re an experienced student, or this is your first degree – support and flexibility from the education provider will be very important. AIB MBA graduate Ashleigh Merriel described her experience at AIB as a very positive one, stating that “everyone at AIB was friendly, organised, and that was the key”. Flexibility was also essential for Ashleigh, who had an unforseen interstate career move partway through her programme. “I found the AIB MBA to be extremely flexible – I began the course studying on-campus, but when I had to move to Tasmania, I was able to complete the course via correspondence”, she said.

4. Recognise that the MBA requires dedication

One of the mistakes of new MBA students is their underestimation of the time required to complete adequate study. In order to fit the MBA into your lifestyle, it is likely that you will have to sacrifice at least one personal commitment. Jodi Howie explained that she enjoyed exercising, “but during the MBA I had to reduce the amount of exercise I was doing” as well as “cut down on my social life”. While dedication is required, it is important to remember that the 12 Month MBA is an accelerated programme. In the big picture, the MBA is only one year of dedication which results in a large achievement and investment in your career.

What do you think?

Are you considering, or are a student of the AIB MBA? I’d love to hear how you fit the MBA into your busy lifestyle, and what strategies work best for you. Comment below and share your views with the AIB community.

This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.


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