4 Time Management Tips For MBA Students

Last modified 12 July 2024
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4 Time Management Tips For MBA Students

When studying a Master of Business Administration (MBA), you fast become a time management expert in order to fit your course work around existing commitments. At AIB, most students study while they work, making it even more essential to manage time efficiently. Throughout the MBA journey, it is important to ensure that you’re being as productive and efficient as possible. If you think that you could be better managing your time, see the below time management tips for MBA students.

1. Organisation is essential

While often overlooked, the ability to effectively organise is an essential component to MBA success. This doesn’t just include time management – it also includes aspects like ensuring that you have adequate learning materials, a de-cluttered working space and structured study plans. For those wondering where to begin, start by writing a list of everything you feel you need to do in order to be organised. This can include noting key deadlines, writing a shopping list for materials and putting time aside for familiarising yourself with study support systems. Each of these steps will assist in making you more organised and on track to completing your MBA.

2. Treat study like a meeting

For working professionals, many have found that scheduling in study is one of the best time management tips they’ve been given. When you treat study as an important meeting, you must aim to attend, be on time, and stay present throughout. This means that study is less likely to be skipped, as we have made a commitment to be there. In addition, it helps to know when to schedule other commitments and keeps you on track towards good time management practices.

3. Know your deadlines

This is one of those non-negotiable time management tips – as an MBA student, you must know your deadlines, otherwise you face the possibility of failing your course. At the start of a new study period, you should note down all critical dates. This will allow you to plan your time more efficiently as you can clearly see when key dates like assessments due dates are, and plan your time around them. Once you know your deadlines, try to work backwards when planning how many study sessions you will need. It is also advised that you over estimate the time you’ll need, to allow for any unexpected challenges along the way.

4. Don’t overcommit

As someone who is continuing to work while studying, you need to be realistic about the time that you can commit to your studies. If you set out on your study journey and are unrealistic about the time that you’ll have, this will result in you putting great pressure on yourself. In any case, unnecessary pressures and stress can lead to burnout and this is certainly what you need to avoid throughout your MBA. Before committing, sit down and use the above time management tips to determine the time you have to spare. The journey will require early mornings and/or late nights, but you must ensure that there is a work life balance included in your time management plan. It is also advised that you approach your employer and request at least one day off per month to study – if the study is complementary to your role, your employer should be supportive of this.

What do you think?

Can you suggest any additional time management tips to add to this list? I’d love to hear from current and graduated MBA students who can share their tips for our readers. Please comment your thoughts below to join the conversation.

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