5 Tips Towards Being More Persuasive In The Workplace

5 Tips Towards Being More Persuasive In The Workplace

Whether you’re requesting for more funding, pitching to win a contract, or even brainstorming with your team – being persuasive is an excellent skill to posses. Persuasive people have a knack for getting others to believe them, without realising that they’ve been convinced. They are likeable people, who ensure that you not only like their ideas, but you also like them as a person. If you think you could benefit from being more persuasive in the workplace, look to apply the following five tips.

1. Create a personable connection

When you have minimal connection with a colleague or prospective client, it is much easier to dismiss them. Persuasive people create a connection with the other party, and build an emotional case for the desired result. They look for common ground to establish bonds, and build their case from there. Take a moment to listen to the other party, and choose one of the topics discussed to connect with them on a more personable level.

2. Know your audience

Every business conversation will be different, and as such, so should your approach. Knowing who you are dealing with and understanding their needs from the beginning will help you to tailor your approach and get the results you are looking for. It is important to establish their habits, such as being highly energetic versus being shy, and approach them with this in mind. The more you work to their preferences, the more persuasive you will be.

3. Don’t be pushy

There’s nothing worse than the pushy salesperson that talks you into buying something you don’t want. Persuasion can work in the same way, with less than desired results occurring if you are too pushy. Try to establish your ideas with confidence, but without being aggressive. Whilst the line is fine, ensure you keep this in mind at all times to avoid unnecessary arguments and a perceived sense of impatience.

4. Use positive body language

Important in building likeability, positive body language assists in engaging your audience and making them believe that your points are valid. Be aware of your tone of voice at all times, as well as any expressions or gestures that you may make. Positive actions such as using eye contact and an enthusiastic tone will help to make the other party feel comfortable, and in turn allow you to be more persuasive in your key messages.

5. Listen to others

Whilst you are ultimately trying to persuade them of your point of view, it is important to sit back and listen to that of others. Show that you are open-minded towards their ideas, and willing to take them on board. Ensure that your audience knows that you are listening by using statements such as “I see where you are coming from”. Again, this will contribute to your overall likability and assist in your persuasive power.

What do you think?

Do you have any tips which could be added to this list? We’d all love to be more persuasive in the workplace, so comments are certainly encouraged. Share your views below and join the AIB conversation.

This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.

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