AIB ASSIST offers wellbeing support for students

Last modified 09 May 2019
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AIB ASSIST offers wellbeing support for students

As part of the Australian Institute of Business’ commitment to students, we have extended our employee assistance service, AIB ASSIST, to all students.

The free-of-charge service offers students an accessible suite of wellbeing support, inclusive of access to counselling sessions and resources for managing life at home, at work and with study.

The service is delivered through Converge International – a provider that has worked extensively in the education sector and has proven experience in providing professional support services.

“At AIB, we know that studying an MBA is a valuable and significant commitment. It can be a life-changing journey that creates career opportunities you never imagined possible, and we’re with students all the way,” shared AIB Student Relations Manager Peter Perry.

The purpose of AIB ASSIST is to provide confidential, short-term strategies to support students during personal and professional challenging times.

“These issues don’t have to be related to your MBA, so you can discuss any causes of stress, work-life balance, conflict resolution, or even career transition,” Mr Perry said.

AIB believes that happier, healthier students are more likely to achieve success in their studies, therefore AIB ASSIST aims to support students in any way it can.

“Many students find that external influences can greatly impact their studies, so keeping mental health a priority during this time and into the future can do a world of good.”

Each student is entitled to three sessions per issue, per year, which are available face-to-face as well as via telephone or Zoom, an online conferencing service.

Better yet, AIB ASSIST is also available to the immediate family of students – such as a husband or wife. It’s important to remember that the MBA journey doesn’t just impact the student – often family will have to take on more responsibility and adapt in order to support the student.

It’s sometimes difficult to know what to do or who to talk to during stressful or overwhelming times, particularly if you’d like the concerns kept private. AIB ASSIST aims to make this process a little easier, providing access to someone that can help you identify and resolve those issues that may be causing you difficulty.

“The service is most effective when you take the time to understand and work through issues that may be preventing you from success,” Mr Perry added.

It’s also not limited to one particular specialty – the service connects AIB students with experienced professionals, from registered psychologists and social workers, to career coaches, financial counsellors and lifestyle, and nutrition coaches.

In addition to the option to chat with someone, the AIB ASSIST program provides access to an online hub of resources surrounding work-related and personal issues. It certainly does not replace face-to-face or telephone counselling, however it can provide some useful tips and research on topics very relevant to students.

Students can find more information on the service and access the resources via the AIB Student Learning Portal.

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