AIB Team Wins State Heat in KPMG International Case Competition

AIB Team Wins State Heat in KPMG International Case Competition

A group of four AIB MBA students have won the state heat for Western Australia in the recent annual KPMG International Case Competition.

The team, called “Karnant” (the Aboriginal word for “trustworthy” in respect of their heritage and traditional culture), was formed by Jimmy Bangun, Benjamin Smith, Kim Knott and Andrew Sayce, who are all current students of AIB’s MBA programme.

The state event took place across two days in December, comprising of a training day and then the competition where teams presented a business case solution to a panel of judges.

Several teams of AIB students took part in the state heats across Australia, using the competition as an opportunity to challenge themselves, and apply the knowledge gained from the accelerated 12 Month MBA to the competition.

“Within the competition we were given three hours to read the documentation, quantify any numbers, find solutions to a business problem, and then package our solution and present it to the judges,” Andrew said.

“We all completed the Leadership subject as one of our core subjects in the MBA and learnt about group dynamics, so there were many opportunities throughout the competition where we were able to put into application the theories we have learned,” Jimmy added.

“We used our knowledge from the finance, corporate governance, human resources, and marketing subjects in the competition, and found that completing a number of subjects within the MBA made the competition a lot easier for us.”

Playing off each other’s strengths and weaknesses was the key to winning the state heat, according to the team, who collaborated and submitted their application in just 24 hours, and used the night before the state event to devise a strategy.

Having won the state heat for Western Australia, but unsuccessful in winning the national finals, they are now keeping an eye out for similar experiences, as well as opportunities to use their MBA learnings in their jobs.

“As someone who’s specialising their MBA in Finance, I found this a very good networking opportunity. KPMG is a company I would potentially want to work for in the future, so it was good to get an inside look at how things actually happen inside the company,” Kim said.

Ben added: “Before we got involved in the competition, I was asking myself, ‘Have I got what it takes to take it to the next level? Have I got what it takes to follow a dream, to become CEO of a company and lead the vision of a team that can overcome the challenges of the business world?’ Now I’m walking away from the competition knowing I have what it takes and am confident to take the next step in my career.”

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