AIB Expands Industry Guest Lecturer Lineup to Canada with Operations Leader Daniel Beaulne

AIB Expands Industry Guest Lecturer Lineup to Canada with Operations Leader Daniel Beaulne

The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) boasts a global network of students, including a large cohort in Canada. To provide Canadian students with local, practical business insights to complement their learning, AIB’s Industry Partnerships initiative has now expanded to Canadian organisations and their leaders. One of the first Canadians to partner with AIB as an Industry Guest Lecturer is Daniel Beaulne, Director of Operations for Northern Ontario at Canada Post. We’re delighted to welcome Daniel on board and look forward to the insights he will bring to our operations management and logistics subjects.

Daniel has been working for Canada Post for almost 18 years, building a career from the ground up. He began as a night shift supervisor at the Ottowa plant and progressed into many roles with increasing responsibility before being appointed to his current position. Along the way, Daniel has benefited from Canada Post’s emphasis on support and training, and has pursued learning opportunities outside of the workplace too. As well as his MBA from AIB, Daniel has a Black Belt in Six Sigma, a Diploma in hotel management, and is currently undertaking a Bachelor’s degree at Thompson Rivers University.

18 years hasn’t dulled his enthusiasm for his job, which he describes as fascinating. Daniel oversees the day to day operations of the Northern Ontario region, which spans some 175,000 km, with the help of 2000 staff and a team of six managers.

“Operations is what I love, it’s what I do,” shared Daniel. But it’s change management that he regards as the real challenge. He elaborated, “Companies are ever-changing. What was important yesterday may need to shift today because consumers are demanding something different.” To lead this change effectively, he champions communication and engagement with the whole team. He describes his management style as “management by walking around.” That allows him to keep an eye on operations as well as talking to employees to get immediate feedback on how things are going.

Strategy, of course, also plays a critical role in the development of an operations approach. While strategy leads operational practices, Daniel believes it’s healthy for operations to push back and engage in friendly debate if they don’t believe the strategy is viable. Therefore, “The feedback that comes from operations is really critical to influence the strategy,” says Daniel. So it’s a two-way street.

Daniel’s a great believer in continuous education, echoing the values of Canada Post itself. He reads a lot, being careful to go beyond the online material that’s pushed into his feed and seek out more in-depth articles. And that commitment to lifelong learning goes the other way as well: Daniel makes sure his staff have access to the same opportunities as he has. He’s a firm believer in coaching for success, and ensuring that his teams both contribute to the company and grow their own careers.

We look forward to hearing how Daniel has led change within his company, and welcome his input to help our students along their own journeys.

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