8 Most Effective Ways To Show Staff You Care

8 Most Effective Ways To Show Staff You Care

Being a leader requires many important skills, one of which is the ability to make your staff feel valued for their contribution. With business getting busier, it is often difficult to take the time to show staff you care about them. Whilst spending time with them is certainly a great tactic, there are a number of other simple actions you can take which show your appreciation. As the well-known saying goes, “you’re only as good as your people” – and good leaders should recognise this and behave accordingly. If you’re looking to show staff you care without breaking the bank, look to implement one of the following ideas:

1. Get to know them

Actively trying to learn the names, family situations and an interest of each of your staff members will only do good things for your relationship. For example, if you’re able to ask something more personalised such as how their daughter went in her school report, or whether they watched the football game on the weekend, they’re more likely to feel that you genuinely care about them.

2. Reward them personally

Rewarding is a wonderful way to show staff you care, but taking it to the next level and rewarding them with something based on the information you have gained from the above point will be received lot better. For example, if one of your staff deserves a reward and is a basketball fan, why not buy them a couple of tickets?

3. Give them flexibility

It is very important to judge your staff on their outcomes rather than the time spent at work. If they don’t feel that they can walk out at 5:30pm without being judged, there is an issue with the work culture. Show staff you care by encouraging a flexible working arrangement, and being open to staff’s requests.

4. Be approachable

There is nothing worse than an unapproachable boss in times of need. Everyone has a personal life outside of work, and there are times where leave is necessary due to family or special occasions. If employees feel that they can approach you without fear, they believe that you care about them enough to listen to why they deserve the time off.

5. Don’t micromanage

When you micromanage your staff, this leads them to believe that you are not confident in their abilities. If you are indeed confident in them, show them you care by allowing them to complete the work, and only offer guidance if it is necessary or asked for.

6. Give them credit

When your employees do a good job – tell them. Everyone thrives off positive feedback, and providing it on occasion is a great way to show staff you care. To them, it displays that you are appreciative of their work, confident in their abilities and pleased with the results.

7. Don’t criticise them in front of others

If you have constructive criticism for your employee, ensure that you discuss it with them in a private environment. Discussing it in the presence of others will make the staff member feel like you are alienating them, and that you don’t care about their reputation and feelings.

8. Treat them with respect

Last but certainly not least, every employee should be treated with respect. If you expect your staff to respect you, the least you can do is show it to them. Respect should be a consistent behaviour among all employees to ensure a positive work culture.

What do you think?

Are you a leader who would like to show staff you care? It is often difficult to find the right way to show your appreciation, but hopefully one of the above eight suggestions will be of benefit to you. For those who are reading – can you add any to the list? How would you like your manager to show that he or she cares about you and your work?

This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.

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