Phd (Entrepreneurship/SME Development) MBA (OM), Pd (Economic Studies/Accounting), BA (PS/PA)

Lecturer Operations and Project Management

Research and teaching specialties

Dr Chad completed his doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development from Newcastle University. I also completed my MBA from Monash University (emphasizing Supply Chain and Operations Management), PD in Economic Studies and Accounting as well as a Bachelor’s in Political Studies and Public Administration. Dr Chad’s research interests include Integrating organisational behaviour with operations management, humanising technology, decision making and finding Nexus between OM and PM.


Dr Chad has extensive industry and teaching experiences.

Dr Chad has more than 15 years of teaching experience with the University of Newcastle (Supervising PhD students), Edith Cowan University (Master of Project Management). Training institutions (Employee Development Programs) and several International Universities (London School of Economics). Dr Chad is competent in developing curriculum, evaluating skills and delivering face-to-face, virtual training programs and courses including: Operations and Logistics Management, Project Management, Quality Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and SME Management.

Dr Chad have a solid track record in successfully launching several entrepreneurial initiatives and managing projects in construction, IT, health,  services and education. Dr Chad’s helped develop and manage business incubators, R&Ds, and business development units both locally and internationally. Dr Chad also founded and managed an import company’s operations and processes. Dr Chad also runs his own management consulting company helping SMEs enhance their operations and supply chain management processes, including continuity planning, project management, problem analysis and resolution.

Dr Chad’s teaching philosophy centres around structured but customised approach to teaching where the nexus between academia and industry lives.  At the core is relevant prompt response and industry-based discussions and scenarios. The focus is on improving the ability to solve non-linear problems and make complex decisions. The overall goal is to become more resilient and adaptable in these challenging times.


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