PhD, MSc, and BEc in Finance.

Lecturer in Finance

Research and teaching specialties

Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Fixed Income Securities, Business Valuation, Investment Management, Asset Pricing, Trend-following trading strategies


Dr Mingwei Sun is a Lecturer in Finance who has a keen interest in investing and financial markets. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide, where he received the Dean’s Commendation Award for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. Mingwei holds a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance with distinction from Newcastle University (the United Kingdom). His research specialties include equity premium forecasting, trend-following trading strategies, and behavioural finance.

Mingwei is an experienced instructor who is passionate about illustrating complex financial theories in an interesting and intuitive way. Before joining AIB, he was a sessional lecturer at Torrens University and taught as a tutor at the University of Adelaide. He believes that the best teacher always stands in the shoes of students.