Dr. Samaneh Soleimani

Doctor of Philosophy (University of South Australia, Business and Management (Marketing and Tourism Management), MBA, BA

Lecturer in Marketing and Entreprenuership

Research and teaching specialties

Astrotourism, Special-interest tourism, Niche Tourism, Entrepreneurship in Tourism Industry, Marketing Management, Tourism Management, Digital Marketing, Destination and Visitor Management, Integrated Marketing, Data Analysis for Decision Making, New Technologies in Tourism, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing for Tourism, Events and Hospitality, Managing in Service-based industries Business Research Methods


Samaneh is a self-motivated researcher with a multi-disciplinary background in marketing and tourism management fields. She has a solid experience in applying qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methods. Samaneh holds a PhD in Business and Management from University of South Australis (UniSA). Samaneh’s research and teaching interests cover a broad range of consumer behaviour, marketing, tourism destination marketing and developing niche tourism products. Samaneh was awarded a University of South Australia President’s Scholarship, School of Management/Marketing Scholarship and top-up Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science Scholarship to investigate the niche market of astrotourism. In this research, she integrated visual astronomy with tourism marketing to answer how to develop this niche market in Australia. She was an invited speaker at the professional learning event ‘Shared Sky, Space: STEM and Art’ at “68th International Astronautical Congress Adelaide”.

Prior to joining AIB, Samaneh was working at University of South Australia, Flinders University, University of Technology, Sydney, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science and Kaplan Business School as a research associate and sessional lecturer. She was working on several projects including Cultural tourism and festivals, Entrepreneurship ecosystem, Social entrepreneurship in the context of tourism enterprises, Tourists’ behaviour in festivals, and consumption of healthy beverages options in the hospitality industry.

Her teaching philosophy is to ensure students’ meaningful learning experience through linking curricula, pedagogy and assessment to the real-world examples. Throughout my teachings, she engages her students to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by incorporating experiential learning that links the course materials to real-world problems. Samaneh believes that utilising online learning systems promotes learning in a more integrated approach by allowing students to work individually and collaboratively and enabling teachers to provide more tailored and specific interactions with students.

Publications and Presentations

Soleimani, S., Bruwer, J., Gross, M.J. and Lee, R. (2018). Astro-tourism conceptualisation as special-interest tourism (SIT) field: A phenomenological approach, Current Issues in Tourism, 34 pp. https://doi.org/10.1080/13683500.2018.1444021 (published online 1 March 2018), [ABDC ranked A].

Salehzadeh, R., Khazaei, P.J. and Soleimani, S. (2016). Brand personality, brand equity and revisit intention: an empirical study of a tourist destination in Iran, Tourism Review, vol. 71, no. 3, pp. 205-218. [ABDC ranked B].

Soleimani, S., Bruwer, J., Gross, M.J. and Lee, R. (2016). Destination Image Formation in an Astronomical Tourism Heterogeneous Market”, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC), University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Soleimani Najafabadi, S. (2012). Astronomical Tourism (Astro-Tourism) in Cebu, Philippines: Essential Features in Selected Destinations and its Complementing Visitor Attractions, International Conference on Trade, Tourism and Management, Bangkok, Thailand

Soleimani Najafabadi, S. (2011). The perceptions of Respondents on the Potential of Astro-Tourism in Asia, 4th Taiwan – Philippines Academic Communication Conference, The University of San Carlos in corporation with Aletheia University and Cebu Normal University (Abstract is Published).