BCom, MCom, PhD. (Kerala), GCHE (Monash)

Senior Lecturer, Discipline Leader in Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Research and teaching specialties

Environmental Marketing, Sustainability, Pro-environmental Behaviours, Ethical Marketing, Social Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship, Strategic Marketing, International Marketing, Business Marketing, Retail Marketing, Marketing Management


Dr. Sumesh Nair is currently a marketing academic at AIB. Previously, Sumesh worked with Monash University, at the Clayton and Malaysia campuses, and with Murdoch University, in the Singapore campus for a period of 11 years. Sumesh has been teaching various marketing subjects at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels for the past 20 years in five different countries, including India, Malaysia, Australia, Finland and Singapore. Sumesh’s primary research interest is in the areas of environmental marketing, sustainability and ethical marketing, and he believes his research outputs would meaningfully contribute to the sustainable development of communities around.

Sumesh’s teaching philosophy revolves around the idea that a good teacher inspires students. He also believes that an academic researcher should be socially committed. Sumesh considers himself as a very people oriented, friendly and creative person. He trusts that there is a simple way to explain, understand and interpret anything seemingly complex around us, and this philosophy guides his teaching, research, academic services and life in general.

Email: Sumesh.Nair@aib.edu.au