Dr. Svetlana De Vos


Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Research and teaching specialties

Marketing and Consumer Behaviour focused on Marketing communications, Psychology and Marketing, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Advertising, Emotions in Advertising, Consumer Judgments of Advertising, Social Marketing, Marketing and Public Policy, Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management, Research Project


Svetlana is a Marketing Lecturer and a Project Coordinator at AIB. She has over ten years’ experience in industry and academia. Svetlana earned her PhD degree at the University of Adelaide, for which she received the Dean Commendation Award for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. Svetlana holds an MBA (summa cum laude) from the Uzbek-American Academy in collaboration with Tashkent State University of Economics, and earned Master of Public Health (cum laude) from the University of Maastricht.

Svetlana has attracted a number or research grants and scholarships such as Higher Research Degree Grant, University of Adelaide, Business School; Industry Grant for Gambling Advertising Project with Echo Entertainment; International Postgraduate Research Scholarship at the University of Adelaide Business School, and National Association for Gambling Studies Scholarship.

Her research impact is recognised  by the  industry with selected research  snapshots featured under the “International research impact: Turning research into action” platform  by Gambling Research Exchange Ontario, Canada (GREO), a knowledge translation and exchange organization that aims to eliminate harm from gambling.

Svetlana has published in international academic journals (i.e., Psychology & Marketing) and has authored several book chapters. She is a member of Academy of Marketing Science, the Australian Marketing Institute, National Associations for Gambling Studies and Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy and European Academy of Marketing. Svetlana has been a peer reviewer of publications for Journal of Advertising, Journal of Gambling Studies, Asia Pacific Journal of Management and World Marketing Congress (American Marketing Association). Svetlana is member of conference scientific committee and a member of a panel for Social Marketing and Non-profit Marketing for AMS World Marketing Congress.

Email: Svetlana.DeVos@aib.edu.au

Publications and Presentations

A list of selected recent publications and conferences

De Vos, S., Ilicic, J., Quester, P.G. & Crouch, R.C. (2020), “Set yourself free!” Exploring help-seeking motives in at-risk gamblers”, European Journal of Marketing, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., Quester, P., Ilicic, J. (2020) “Investigating the impact of intrinsic and extrinsic perceived benefits on message acceptance: the mediating role of help-seeking attitudes.” Published in Proceedings of GAMMA Global Marketing Conference, November 2020

De Vos, S., Quester, P., Ilicic, J., Crouch, R. 2019, ‘Investigating impact of perceived help-seeking benefits on behavioural intentions in compulsive consumption context: The moderating role of self-efficacy’, Proceedings of 48th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC), Hamburg, Germany.

De Vos, S., Ilicic, J., Quester, P., Crouch, R. 2019, ‘Exploring cognitive and affective psychological drivers of help-seeking in at-risk gamblers’, Proceedings of the World Social Marketing Conference (WSMC), Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., Quester, P. & Ilicic, J. 2018, ‘You may be trapped forever…set yourself free!” Eliciting mixed emotions to encourage help-seeking behaviour in gambling-afflicted individuals’. Abstract published in proceedings  of European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) 2018, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., Quester, P. & Ilicic, J. 2018, ‘Investigating the Effectiveness of Fear Appeals to Prompt Help Seeking in At-Risk Gamblers: The Moderating Role of Problem Gambling Status: An Abstract’. In P. Rossi & N. Krey (eds), Marketing Transformation: Marketing Practice in an Ever Changing World: Proceedings of the 2017 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress (WMC), Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. 283-283.

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., Quester, P. and Ilicic, J. (2017), ‘Examining the effectiveness of fear appeals in prompting help-seeking: The case of at-risk gamblers’. Psychology & Marketing, 34: 648–660.

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., Quester, P. & Ilicic  J. (2017),’Investigating the effectiveness of fear appeals to prompt help-seeking in at-risk gamblers: The moderating role of problem gambling status.’ Proceedings of the World Marketing Congress, Christchurch, New Zealand

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., & Ilicic, J.  (2016), ‘Emotional advertising to attenuate compulsive consumption: Qualitative insights from gamblers’. In C. Plewa & J. Conduit (eds.) Making a difference through marketing: A quest for diverse perspectives, Singapore: Springer.

De Vos, S., Roberta Veale, R., & Quester, P. & Ilicic, J. (2016), ‘Investigating consumer message processing of fear and challenge based advertising: A conceptual framework.’ In C. Campbell & J. Junzhao Ma (eds.) Looking forward, looking back: Drawing on the past to shape the future of marketing: Proceedings of the 2013 world marketing congress. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., Quester, P., & Ilicic, J. (2015), ‘Investigating emotional advertising: Fear mixed with challenge appeal and its influence on information processing modes and behavioural intentions’. Proceedings of International Conference on Social Media, SEO & Marketing Strategies, Valencia, Spain, Journal of Accounting & Marketing, 4(3) p54.

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., Quester, P. & Ilicic, J. (2015), ‘The influence of fear mixed with challenge appeals on help-seeking behavioural intention’. Proceedings of Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC).

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., Quester, P. & Ilicic, J. (2014), ‘Exploring effective social marketing campaigns in the gambling context: The use of fear mixed with challenge appeals in advertising.’ Proceedings of the 24th National Association for Gambling Studies Conference, pp 35-36.

De Vos, S., Crouch, R., Quester, P. & Ilicic J. (2013), ‘Investigating Consumer Message Processing of Fear and Challenge Based Advertising: A Conceptual Framework.’ In C. Campbell, (ed.) Proceedings of the 16th Biennial World Marketing Congress, VOLUME XVI; Ruston, LA: Academy of Marketing Science, pp 408-417.

De Vos, G. and de Vos S. (2012) “Leadership challenge in development organisations with case study on Central Asia.” In S. Anand, I. Kumar & A. Shrivastava (eds.) Challenges of the twenty first century: A Trans-disciplinary perspective. McMillan Publisher LTD.


Non-refereed Publications

De Vos, S. 2020, Fighting COVID-19: Complex Adaptive System Perspective an Interview with AIB DBA Candidate Claire Pierce,  Australian Institute of Business Review, Issue: 1, Adelaide,


Media attention:

Radio interview: De Vos S. (2019). FIVEaa Interview with Alan Hickey [Radio Broadcast 26.03.19]. Adelaide: SA Australia

Insights about my research published in “The Advertiser” and in “Sunday Mail “ (SA) by Kemp, M. (2019) Adelaide study shows problem gamblers are ignoring messages designed to help them kick habit.