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Esma Sasmaz-Ozpinar

Academic Skills Advisor

Graduate Certificate in Educational Research (Monash University, Master of Education, Educational Psychology (University of Sydney), Bachelor of Education, Teaching English as a Second Language (Istanbul University)

Research and teaching specialties

Experienced English Language teacher Student Support Services Effective Reading Strategies Academic Writing Referencing leveraging Generative AI (Gen AI) in Assessments Proficiency in Multiple Study Tools

As an Academic Skills Advisor with a diverse background in Academic English language teaching and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, Esma brings extensive experience in guiding students towards success in their academic and professional endeavours. With expertise in student well-being, Esma’s approach to academic support goes beyond traditional methods. Her tailored consultations and webinars focus not only on enhancing students’ effective study strategies, time management, and academic literacies but also on promoting their overall well-being and psychological growth.

Proficient in utilising educational technology to create dynamic learning experiences, Esma ensures that students receive comprehensive support in their academic journey. Collaborating closely with academic staff and support professionals, she contributes to fostering a cohesive support system for students, ensuring their holistic academic success. With a keen focus on academic integrity, Esma provides guidance on Generative AI usage and upholds ethical standards in student support. Her effective communication skills, both written and verbal, ensure clear and impactful guidance for students seeking academic excellence and personal development. 

Email: esma.sasmaz-ozpinar@aib.edu.au

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