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Erle Pereira

Business Strategist & Technology Expert | Independent Consultant

  • Areas of expertise:
    Change Management Consulting Leadership & Influence Strategy Technology
  • Field:
    Consulting & Strategy Entrepreneur/Startups Information & Communication Technology
  • Industry:
    Consulting & Strategy Information & Communication Technology Science & Technology
  • Location:
    Sydney, Australia
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Erle is a credentialed and experienced leader with a passion for steering transformative change and digital transitions. His extensive background in technology has seamlessly melded with robust business acumen. As a strategist and consultant, he merges these disciplines to collaborate with enterprises, adeptly steering them through a dynamic and ever-evolving competitive landscape. In his work, Erle enjoys ensuring that the approach to a problem and its solution resonates with both the business and broader stakeholders.

His career path has equipped him with diverse business expertise, profoundly shaping the development of a new strategy model and framework, RRADD™, designed to shepherd innovation. He is currently working towards its industry release, bolstered by commercial services.

Erle can provide guidance in the realms of change management and digital transformations by fostering innovative mindsets within organizations. Having transformed from a pure technologist to a business strategist, he can help navigate the journey and challenges inherent in leveraging our latent skills, often unbeknownst to us, and advancing them effectively.

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