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Natasha Ace

Small Business Owner and Business Consultant

  • Areas of expertise:
    Marketing & Communications Stakeholder Management Startups & Scaling Strategy
  • Field:
  • Industry:
    Healthcare & Medical
  • Location:
    Melbourne, Australia
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Natasha, a dynamic entrepreneur and seasoned business consultant, has been shaping the landscape of small businesses for over two decades. At age 21, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by establishing her own Consulting Firm, demonstrating an early aptitude for business acumen. By 23, she had launched her Private Practice, which provided internships to pre and postdoctoral level interns and Masters and Bachelor level students.

With an impressive 20-year track record, Natasha’s expertise is unparalleled when it comes to guiding practitioners into successful private practices. Her global reach has seen her collaborate with thousands of psychologists internationally, a testament to her ability to transcend borders in the pursuit of excellence.

Natasha is renowned for her proficiency in developing and implementing operational processes and protocols. She possesses a unique talent for discerning the specific needs of businesses and tailoring implementable processes to align various facets of clinical operations within private practice. She’s also highly skilled in regulatory compliance, clinical governance, stakeholder management, and financial administration.

Natasha’s unwavering dedication to fostering business success on a global scale is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and consultants alike. Her commitment to excellence and extensive knowledge make her an invaluable resource in the world of small business consultancy.

Natasha can provide advice on strategy and small business startups. Important for current students, she can provide support to those who want to understand how the MBA program fits outside of a corporate setting.

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