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“Growing by knowing your customer”

Jim Penman, Founder and CEO of Jim’s Group shares insights on how to grow by knowing your customer at AIB’s exclusive student and alumni event.

Date 12/05/2016
Student and Alumni Event Brisbane QLD, Australia

Jim Penman, the featured speaker at a recent AIB Alumni event in Brisbane, shared pivotal insights from his entrepreneurial journey with business students and alumni. Penman, renowned as the face of Jim’s Mowing and the founder of Jim’s Group, emphasized the paramount importance of cultivating a sincere passion for customers. His narrative extended beyond serving clients to prioritizing the well-being of franchisors and franchisees.

Penman delved into the emotional challenges he faced in building Australia’s largest franchise operation, underscoring the resilience required in the business world. He candidly admitted personal struggles with selling, offering a relatable narrative for those grappling with similar obstacles. Penman’s emphasis on the virtue of patience in achieving business success resonated with aspiring entrepreneurs, as did his unwavering commitment to integrity.

By sharing personal anecdotes, including an instance of returning money for an undercharged purchase, Penman underscored the enduring value of conducting business with honesty and ethics. The overarching theme of self-awareness, acknowledging weaknesses, and turning them into strengths added a relatable touch for business students and alumni navigating their professional paths. The event encapsulated valuable lessons and practical wisdom for those eager to thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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