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Last modified 24 December 2020
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Welcome to the AIB REVIEW

“I am thrilled to introduce you to the very first issue of the AIB Review, by the Australian Institute of Business, a brand new publication that brings the expertise and insights of the AIB community to topical issues through the lens of our academic specialisations,” Professor Ingrid Day. 

First Issue COVID-19

In this first issue, we explore the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic across a broad range of contexts, including Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations Management and Entrepreneurship.

The AIB Review began as part of our commitment to deliver a truly “Lifetime MBA” to our alumni, numbering over 10,000 across the globe. We have quickly realised that its reach and relevance is far greater and that the deep insights and analysis of our contributors are equally relevant to the business sector more broadly and to key social, economic and political policy makers. I’ve been completely blown away by the enthusiasm of our staff, and the AIB community more broadly to contribute to this publication, ensuring its impact and value. Each article invites readers to comment on the view put forward, and we encourage you to (politely) continue the conversation in this way.

The AIB Review, while addressing hot topics, does not lose sight of our educational purpose. Indeed, it shines a light on the lively intellectual organisation that we are. Our current students can expect to see a number of these articles brought into your webinars as prompts and provocation for debate and dialogue.

We will be publishing the AIB Review quarterly, with the next issue scheduled for August. We have already decided that the theme will be ‘Climate Change’ and a number of staff (and students) are already seeing connections to be made between COVID and Climate Change.

There are several key people who have been instrumental in bringing this initiative to life. Firstly, AIB’s Discipline Leaders, who were tossed a very broad challenge and shaped it into meaningful existence. Secondly, our Editorial Advisor Dr Michael Galvin, who brought his rich experience and expertise to bear on each article. And finally our Educational Design and Marketing teams who designed and delivered a great product.

Please enjoy reading and do share.

Kind Regards,
Professor Ingrid Day, Academic Dean, Australian Institute of Business.

Creative Commons

As the Practical Business school, we believe in the sharing of knowledge. The ‘AIB Review’ is published under a Creative Commons – Attributions-NoDerivatives licence, and we invite you to share and republish our articles online or in print for free, as long as you meet our guidelines.

Republishing Guidelines (Print and Online)

  • Authors (including their affiliations) must be credited in the byline.
  • The AIB Review must be credited, and a link back to the article URL must be included.
  • Articles must be published in its entirety with no edits. Should you wish to make edits, you need to contact the author(s) for approval prior to publication.
  • You must check that you are allowed to republish images, charts, and/or interactive graphics that may be used in our articles. You are welcome to omit or substitute images, charts, and/or interactive graphics with your own.
  • You cannot systematically republish the AIB Review, including the articles.


  • You may run the first few lines of the article as extracts; and provide a link back to the AIB Review article with “Read the full article at the AIB Review”.
  • You may quote sections of the article with a link back to the article URL.
  • Author approvals are required for translations. You need to contact the author(s) for approval prior to publication.
  • Articles can be republished in print, provided you credit the Author and the AIB Review. You do not need to provide the article URL link for print. We would appreciate if you can send a digital copy to copyright@aib.edu.au for archival purposes.
  • Podcasts and video are covered by the Creative Commons licence, and you would need to credit the Author and the AIB Review.

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