AIB’s Research Philosophy

The Australian Institute of Business’ commitment to ensuring the quality of research training, maximising the likelihood that higher degree by research students successfully complete their course of study, and in the process produce original outputs that contribute to the relevant field.

– From the AIB Higher Degrees by Research Policy

Research has always been central to the philosophy and development of the Australian Institute of Business. This stems from the interest and experience of the founder of the organisation, Emeritus Professor Selva Abraham who, during his time as a management consultant, saw the importance of the workplace as a rich source of learning and research.

AIB is more than a simple provider of courses. The various curricula at AIB are designed to encourage interaction between students familiar with real work situations and the wealth of findings that can be drawn from the workplace. In committing to research in this way, students at all levels have discovered productive insights into their own work experience. The foundation of the educational experience – where learning and research are inextricably linked – is in the practical issues faced by managers.

AIB provides the opportunity to reflect on personal experience, and to analyse that individual experience against the experience of others written into the scholarly knowledge base of literature, as well as the practices seen in business case studies.

– Professor Rod Oxenberry, Former Chair, Academic Board

The Centrality of the Workplace

AIB is built on a foundation of work applied learning and its research is focused on creativity, on relationships between people and their society and the body of knowledge applicable in the workplace – researching and analysing contemporary issues confronting managers in the workplace and finding Evidence Based solutions that can be immediately applied.

AIB’s research focus fosters integrated linkages between the research, teaching and learning by our students and the wider community and “provides a clear student­centred environment in which to explore existing knowledge of business, and gain new learning at the leading edges of business development” (Professor Oxenberry).