Dr. Luigi Nalli

Armed with an impressive academic background, including an undergraduate degree and a doctorate, Dr. Luigi Nalli, Chiropractor and President of a chain of rehabilitation clinics, realised that expanding his knowledge of business practices was a crucial step to further his success.

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    Heathcare & Medical
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    Heathcare & Medical
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    Broader Business Knowledge
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    Long work hours
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Dr. Luigi Nalli, the President of Pinpoint, a chain of rehabilitation and pain management clinics, was no stranger to formal education. Completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and a doctorate at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Luigi notice that despite his educational achievements, he lacked one crucial element as a business owner – business acumen. Being both a chiropractor and an entrepreneur, Luigi realised the importance of enhancing his understanding of business practices and decided it was time to pursue an MBA.

In 2022, Luigi successfully completed his MBA program, and during our visit to Canada last year, we had the opportunity to interview him and gain insights into his journey.

What was your motivation to start an MBA?

I had some natural keen ability in business – it grew into one clinic, two clinics, so on and so forth. And if we fast forward today, we’re at 8 clinics, a few medical assessment businesses and a few more clinics coming in in Q4 of this calendar year. I realised that as the business got bigger, I didn’t have the particular skills in business management, which is essentially where the MBA came in.

And so, I would find myself speaking with people that did have business degrees and it was sort of like, oh, geez, that’s interesting – what they said. And whilst those things may have popped into my head, I had no structure for them. I had no framework. I had no way of referencing them. And I thought if I could actually get some formal education in this, it could help with what I’m doing.

Have you seen a difference in your business?

I think it’s paid off because being self-employed, when I’m always looking at revenues, profits and a lot of the tools that the MBA provided me, I’ve again been able to put in place. As I was doing the assignments, I was quickly putting those things into the MBA or into my work. And I saw my top line numbers, my bottom-line numbers in the business growth, as a result of a lot of the things that I was implementing, that I was learning in the MBA. So that for me is a real way that it has provided feed feedback.

Also being an instructor at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, now having an MBA and there being a lack of business training for chiropractic students. I’m now working with the school on building different business modules so that we can give the students some success tools to help them when they get out. So that has been great, where I’ve now been able to take some of the things that I’ve learned and instruct future chiropractic students.

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