Edward Wilson

Edward Wilson, currently the Regional General Manager at AFL, chose to pursue an MBA as a means to stand out in a highly competitive industry and expand his network.

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  • Industry:
    Sport & Recreation
  • Job Function:
    Business Development
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  • Motivation:
    Keep pace with business world
  • Challenges:
    Frequent travel
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Edward Wilson, currently the Regional General Manager at AFL, chose to pursue an MBA as a means to stand out in a highly competitive industry. With a role that demands expertise in strategic and relationship management, he saw further growth as a necessary step. The online structure of the AIB program proved to be a critical asset for Edward, offering flexibility and support as he navigated the complexities of moving across three states while continuing his studies. 

In the interview below, we talk to Edward about his decision to study at AIB, his motivations for pursuing an MBA, and his experiences at the AIB Networking events. 

What made you decide to study for an MBA at AIB? 

My role is heavy on strategic management and relationship management. So, for me it was certainly a case of being able to look at how do I distinguish myself in an industry that’s extremely competitive and how do I advance myself.  

When I started my MBA, I was living in Brisbane, I moved to Canberra and then finished my MBA in Melbourne. So, I’ve lived in three cities whilst completing my studies. Also, the experiences and networks I’ve gained have been invaluable. That is what I truly believe to be the best value and the biggest selling point to signing up for an AIB MBA. Especially when my studies have been online. 

How was your experience at the AIB Networking events? 

The networking events have been very valuable. I’ve been fortunate to have attended a couple in different cities. It’s a great way to meet people who are clearly investing in themselves, their careers, and their futures. It’s been brilliant to meet like-minded individuals. And through those networking events I’ve been able to meet people both within the same industry that I work in but also different industries as well.  

In one of the networking events, I was very fortunate to meet someone who completed their MBA six to seven years ago. Hearing how he’s progressed his career since completing his MBA was incredibly inspiring, especially to myself as someone who had just finished it.   

What motivated you to pursue an MBA? 

If you want to be able to lead a team, if you want to be able to excel in working in a group environment, something that we all have to do regardless of our industry or our role, through my own personal experiences, I found that an MBA is a fantastic way to not only develop the skills and expertise to excel in those environments but also be able to do so in a manner that showcases that you do invest in yourself. You will then be someone who can operate efficiently and with credentials in those environments. So, I see it just being the tip of the iceberg in terms of where the MBA will actually deliver benefit for myself and life. So, it’s certainly an exercise and a process and a commitment that I’ve gone through that I’ll be very pleased looking back in many years to come that I did embark on. 

What advice would say to someone who is considering studying for an MBA? 

For those who are considering whether or not to undertake the studies, I would definitely recommend, explore, understand and see if the MBA program is right for you. And I know that if you are going to explore and understand if it’s right for you, you will determine that it is. The program’s practical nature, its online capacity, and collaborative approach make it very attractive. You’ll certainly come out on the other side knowing that the program has delivered value in terms of the skills you’ve acquired, as well as the networks and experiences it has opened up for you. The new opportunities that arise in your career will largely be thanks to your MBA studies. 

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