Fausto Rossi

Fausto passed up the opportunity to do an MBA 15 years prior because he wasn’t ready, and always regretted it. He decided that it was time to stop putting it off and achieve his goals.

  • Location:
  • Industry:
    Finance, Banking & Accounting
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  • Programme:
  • Motivation:
    Personal achievement
  • Challenges:
    Balance and Time Management Gap in Studies
  • Year of Graduation:

What did you get out of the AIB MBA?

It was a personal satisfaction, something I always wanted to do, “I have to do this MBA.” Roughly 15 years ago I had the opportunity with another employer to take the course and I passed on it because my two boys were young. I said, “I’m not a hundred percent ready here mentally.” By passing that opportunity, I always regretted. I go, “I’ve got to do it.” Then one year after the year, it goes by and then you realise, “If I’m going to really do this, I have to focus and do it.” And that was that.

Then just using it at work, with my colleagues, partners and clients. It was a very great experience. It’s been very helpful to me and I really enjoyed it.

What did you get most out of studying online?

That was one of the reasons why I chose AIB. I’ve been working, I’ve been travelling, I’ve got to find time here. Going to a physical classroom, that wasn’t what I wanted. Online was perfect. It was very flexible. I customised it to my needs. For example, I’m a late bird, so in reference to doing so I would stay late at night at a hotel room or at a home or whatever, at one, two, three in the morning. I just worked around with that, that was a lot of experience.

Also, one really nice experience I had in Montreal: it was a Sunday afternoon, it was summer not winter, and there was a webinar. So I’m home on my porch, having a glass of wine, taking my course.

How did you find the support at AIB throughout your MBA journey?

In reference to the support from AIB, anytime I needed some help, especially at the beginning – my first class, as I mentioned, was very difficult – from the administration to the professors to the assistant, they were always there. Just an email away and they’d get right back to you. The advantage I had was Adelaide was a day ahead of me, so I would get the answers promptly. I’m very satisfied with the service, and with the professors. I recommend AIB to everyone. My nephew is just about to finish his MBA and my youngest son, his girlfriend just graduated from AIB.

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