Ronaldo Sabania

Ronaldo pursued an MBA to elevate his academic qualifications and increase his job prospects in his relocation to Australia.

  • Location:
    South Australia
  • Industry:
    Heathcare & Medical
  • Job Function:
    Heathcare & Medical
  • Programme:
  • Motivation:
    Improve professional credibility
  • Challenges:
    Balance and Time Management
  • Year of Graduation:

Ronaldo Sabania, an immigrant from the Philippines, decided to study an MBA to elevate his academic qualifications as his chemical engineering degree is unfortunately not recognised in Australia. He is now working at SA Health after a career switch to nursing due to job instability in the manufacturing sector.   

In the interview below, we ask Ronaldo about his experience at AIB, why he chose AIB and his experience while pursuing an MBA. 

What motivated you to pursue further studies? 

I’m an immigrant from the Philippines and prior to migration I was a chemical engineer. Instead of going back to chemical engineering, I took an MBA. When I came to Adelaide I happened to be working in a paper packaging company where I work as a production planner and costing coordinator. However, due to job instability in the manufacturing sector at the time, I made the decision to switch careers and become a nurse. My first position was in aged care, and now I’m employed by SA Health. 

I really wanted to elevate my academic qualifications in the hopes of securing a better management-level position someday. Since my chemical engineering degree is unfortunately not recognized in Australia, I opted to take a higher-level course. 

Do you feel your study and investing in your learning has led to success? 

My GM course has led me to success; in fact, it was a key factor when I applied for a Level 4 position in the government—I was unexpectedly offered a Level 5 job once they discovered I was taking this course, which provided me with a significant advantage. 

Professionally, I think I have changed a lot, particularly in how I make decisions and in my critical thinking abilities. So, I have learned how to weigh things like figuring out things at different angles before giving up or making a decision. Also, I’m already moving on to MBA. I’ve already finished two subjects, have one more to take and then the final project and then I’m done. 

What is one aspect of study at AIB that has stood out to you? 

Well, I think most of the teachers are brilliant. They are very intelligent and helpful and most of them are very knowledgeable and qualified in their fields. And in the subjects that they are teaching, I think most of them have PhDs, so they have ample practical experience in the corresponding domains that they are in. They’re just very good and a combination of both their practical experience and academic qualifications make them great teachers and mentors. 

Did you enjoy studying online? 

Definitely. I enjoyed studying online because it saves me time and money like travelling to school, travelling and also preparing myself. Also, I think there’s not so much difference between studying online and in the classroom because it’s just like a classroom environment and everyone has the chance to share their opinions. 

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