Staša Mlekuž

Staša loved how AIB’s MBA was organised and found the course to be the perfect fit to accomplish her goals.

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    Marketing & Communications
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  • Motivation:
    Develop knowledge and skills
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Staša Mlekuž, Official Spokesperson at the Ministry of Health, Slovenia, is an experienced executive communications and PR professional with global experience. Earlier this year, she came all the way from Slovenia to Adelaide to cross the stage marking the final chapter of her MBA journey.

We were thrilled to take the opportunity to find out more about her experience and what led her to staring her MBA at AIB.

Had you studied before? Why did you feel the need to study an MBA?

I did. I was into tourism. So, I did that when I was younger, then I had a break. I went traveling all around the world. And I worked a lot in different countries in different continents.

I decided when I was managing a boutique hotel in Sri Lanka, that I needed to upgrade my knowledge in business management, people management and in process management. So, I decided to do an MBA. I googled it, I found the Australian Institute of Business, I saw the rankings, I asked a couple of people, and they really recommended it. So, I enrolled.

Did you feel supported at AIB?

They were amazing. They were really amazing.

Everything was really straightforward, well organised, and analytical, i.e. you have to do this and this, and at this time, this is how much it will cost you, and how much time and energy you need to invest in getting these kinds of results. So, a person is well guided through the process. I love that.

Do you attribute any success to your MBA?

I started to plan much in advance. I started to do strategic planning. But you know how it is you do strategic planning, then you go and get busy start working and then you change right as per the situation in the market or in the field.

I got a lot of experience from this MBA from this program, I would recommend that to each and every one who wants to upgrade their knowledge who or who wants to upgrade their management skills. To me, it’s a really beautiful program, and I’m happy I did it. Everything happens for a reason. I’m very happy today, though I’m also a little bit sad because this chapter is closing. So, I’ll take a year or two and then see what else what else I can do.

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