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AIB Review continues to grow with upcoming Issue #6, and AIB graduates have the opportunity to author an article in the next publication.

Through the contribution of an article for our next issue, you can showcase your unique professional insights and knowledge, and have your reflections on current industry trends read by our large community of business professionals. It’s also an opportunity to strengthen your writing skills and professional brand by having your insights published.

What is AIB Review?

In 2020, AIB Review was born – an industry publication that brings the expertise and insights of the AIB community to topical business matters. What first began as a way to deliver ongoing learning value to you – our alumni members – has grown leaps and bounds since its inception, and is now distributed digitally to an audience of over 200,000 people within the wider AIB community. Each issue is developed around a different core theme, with contributions from AIB Academics, graduates, research candidates and industry connections.

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The theme of the sixth issue is… Professional and business ethics

Questions to help guide your thinking may include:

  • Professional and business ethics: Is it a grey area? Is ethical behaviour a clear-cut thing?
  • What does ethical behaviour look like and what impact does it have on organisational culture and behaviours? Does it always start at the top?

What you need to know about contributing an article to AIB Review.

If you are interested in authoring an article for the sixth issue, consider the theme Professional and business ethics and determine how you could leverage your industry knowledge and unique viewpoint in an article. Once you’ve decided on your topic, the AIB Review publication process is as follows.

1. Prepare an article pitch (100 words maximum) explaining your article topic and how the piece will meaningfully contribute to the theme and submit to before September 21.
Submit your full draft article to for editorial review and feedback before September 27.
2. The editor of AIB Review – Dr Michael Galvin – will acknowledge receipt of your pitch or full draft and either:
a) review your pitch and provide feedback (including whether the article has been accepted for full development) OR;
b) review your full draft article and advise whether the article has been accepted without change or is subject to revision with feedback provided.
3. Prepare your article in line with the AIB Review Style Guide and submit to by final deadline October 11.
4. Any further and final editorial changes will be at the discretion of the Editor.

The sixth issue of AIB Review is planned for launch in November 2021.

With your continued input, AIB Review will thrive as a truly diverse and insightful publication for the global business community.