Top 5 Study Tips Every MBA Student Wished They Knew

Top 5 Study Tips Every MBA Student Wished They Knew

Whether you’re a seasoned student or new to tertiary education, there is no doubt that you will find the Master of Business Administration (MBA) a highly rewarding challenge. Every MBA student will approach the programme with his or her own expectations, however it is important to be prepared for the study that lies ahead. If you’re interested in some of the tips that MBA graduates wished they had known before commencing, see the below list for the top five.

1. Treat study time like a meeting

When you are trying to balance your study around personal commitments, it can be easy to put it off in place of other activities. It is a great idea to schedule in study as if it was a meeting. That way, like a meeting with colleagues, you need a very good excuse to cancel it. This helps you to be more accountable with your study time and ensure that every spare hour is used productively.

2. Write down all key dates

With so much going on at any one time, it can be easy for things to be overlooked. Important dates such as assignment deadlines and examinations cannot be missed, so it is important that a calendar of important dates and deadlines is kept throughout your studies. If you manage your schedule online, take the time to set up a series of electronic appointments. This ensures that you are constantly on track towards achieving the end goal – completing the MBA.

3. Establish a strong support network

Every MBA student will agree that a strong network of support is essential for success throughout the programme. When studying and working simultaneously, you will have less personal time than you are used to. Before commencing the programme, it is important to explain the commitment that you are taking to loved ones so that they are prepared for the journey ahead, and can support you throughout your studies.

4. Maintain good physical and mental health

When committing long hours to work and study, the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle can often be forgotten. Good personal health is essential for every MBA student – when we do not make it a priority, we are less productive and will not retain as much information. When you begin studying the MBA, try to maintain your exercise levels and healthy diet, and ensure you take breaks where necessary.

5. Know your academic support services

Each MBA provider should have a selection of support services at the students’ disposal. At some stage throughout his or her degree, every MBA student will require some assistance – from academic support to clarification about a grade. At the start of the programme, note down all key contacts for various circumstances. At AIB, Academic and Student Support staff are here to help with everything from assignment writing to subject clarifications, and everything in between.

What do you think?

Do you have any other study tips to add to the list?  Comment your tips below, and feel free to suggest what else you’d like to know about the MBA in future articles!

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This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.



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