Why AIB Is The Practical Business School

Last modified 06 March 2024
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Why AIB Is The Practical Business School
Since its inception more than 30 years ago, the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) has delivered up-to-date, real-world education to thousands of students around the world. Widely known as ‘the practical business school’, AIB is one of the most established private education institutions in Australia. The school acknowledges that business isn’t just theory, which is why its degrees use a unique blend of theory and practice to ensure students achieve real outcomes. Many of us will agree that it’s through practice that knowledge really comes alive, which is why everyday business case studies are key to delivering AIB’s course content. This practical learning approach is embedded in all degrees offered at AIB, including the Master of Business Administration (MBA). We take a look at the key components to being the practical business school below, touching on how AIB makes it all possible.

Real-world course content

When students enrol in an AIB degree, they can be sure that the course content is up-to-date and based on real-world business cases. This means that when theories are delivered, they are linked to business examples, guiding students on how to apply the learning in a business context. While theory underpins all business school subjects, this unique delivery of content ensures understanding from a hands-on perspective. Course content is driven by AIB’s academic practitioners, whose careers comprise of both academic and practical business experience. This sees students learn from experts who not only know the theories back to front, but also can speak from an experienced practice point of view.
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Useful and applicable assessments

In each business degree, students undertake a wide variety of assessments to demonstrate understanding and apply new learnings. As the practical business school, AIB asks its MBA students to apply key theories to a situation related to their work, a past professional experience, or an organisation they’re familiar with. It sees students work with real problems to produce real solutions – a body of work that is also very useful outside of studies. To complete the MBA, students undertake a final project, which focuses on a workplace-based problem. This project can prove beneficial not only for the student’s learning, but for their employer too, as the findings can be used to drive positive change.

Instant application of knowledge

At AIB, students study their MBA via online learning. This particular method uses a blend of digital mediums to deliver course content, including online readings, e-textbooks, video and online forums to deliver an engaging learning experience. Importantly, it permits students to continue working full-time, as study can be completed where and when it’s convenient for the individual. In many cases, students can learn a concept one morning and apply it in the workplace that very day. This is encouraged as it aids that practical understanding which is crucial to ensuring that the learning is relevant and can be beneficial for their rest of their careers. It also assists students in career progression while they study, as a growth in knowledge and the value MBA students bring to an organisation is recognised. This was the case with 46.8% of AIB MBA graduates, who received a raise during their studies or within 12 months of completing the degree.
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Highly relevant Industry Guest Lecturers

As the practical business school, AIB believes that bringing theory to life is a critical component to the education experience. As such, it boasts a great lineup of Industry Partners and Industry Guest Lecturers who complement existing faculty. The group comprises of influential business experts from leading companies and industry associations, who share their experiences through a series of guest lecture videos. Through studying the MBA, students have the opportunity to learn from these specialists on a range of topics, from marketing to entrepreneurship. As such, they gain a practical understanding of how theories and principles are applied in some of Australia’s top organisations, hearing firsthand about some of the highlights and challenges along the way. Currently, members of our Industry Guest Lecturer team include Tammy Barton of MyBudget, Matt Tindale, Jonathan Lister and Olivier Legrand of LinkedIn, Lee Tonitto of the Australian Marketing Institute, Martin Herbst of eBay, plus many more.
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Achievable and workable for busy professionals

As well as delivering course content that is applicable to the modern workplace, AIB is the practical choice for working adults due to our accessibility and affordability. We understand that our students don’t have an abundance of free time, and reflect this in our online learning method which is mobile and streamlined. AIB students can study on the go, when and where it suits them, and can get study support from AIB academics and peers via online facilitated forums, email, phone or AIB ASSIST for wellbeing and counselling services. As specialists in online learning, we don’t have the expense of maintaining campuses like sandstone universities do, so you won’t pay for things you don’t need. Instead, we invest in quality academic teams, innovative technological advancements and student success initiatives. When you choose an affordable provider for your business degree like AIB, you will gain a return on your investment quicker, making it the practical choice for driven professionals.
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It’s not hard to see why AIB is considered the practical business school, with its real-world content, practical assessments and achievable online learning method. Through its programmes, AIB is committed to helping students achieve real-world outcomes, and practical education is just one component to this journey. Study Australia's No.1 Online MBA

*The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is Australia’s largest provider of MBAs. Source Ready, B. (2023) Domestic Enrolments Surged During COVID After International Students Locked Out, MBA News. Available at: MBA News.

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