Post-COVID Business Models – How do you Pivot?

Post-COVID Business Models – How do you Pivot?
AIB’s Post COVID Business Models – How do you Pivot Webinar. Facilitated by our academic Dr Alicia Stanway, with speakers from Adelaide Festival Centre Head of Public Affairs Ruth Sibley, AUSPECC Vice-Chair Christopher Findlay, Healthcare Consultant Paul Richard, i4 Design owner Sarah Ryding and AIB CEO Paul Wappett.

The webinar delves into key industries that have been affected by the global crisis including; the arts, retail and design, healthcare and higher education. Our panel of executive speakers shared their collective wisdom, giving a richer understanding of the diverse business sector and how to re-think the future of business. Speaking to five key considerations in repositioning your business models Post-COVID-19

  • RESEARCH, RESEARCH AND MORE RESEARCH – Today there is increased pressure to offer productivity improvements, but there is also enormous uncertainty. The key to addressing this environment is to keep up your research.
  • REGULATION – Now is also the time to lobby for change. No matter what industry you are in, the crisis has shone a very bright light on some important areas for recovery. Think about the regulations in your industry that could be updated to address the learnings of this time.
  • INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS – Covid-19 has highlighted the critical nature of networks and collaboration. Hand in hand with Regulations are the Industrial Relations that ensure the safety and security of your workforce.
  • SKILLS AND SKILLSET – The crisis has highlighted long held assumptions about business models in our industries. Facilitating the exchange of knowledge will be critical to our futures. This doesn’t mean taking a physical model and retrofitting it for an online environment. Instead, it requires a fundamental rethink about the skills and skillsets required to deliver services in a changed environment.
  • ADAPTABLE, ROBUST INFRASTRUCTURE – Our current situation has made us all focus on core business and on what is important to the long term success of our enterprises. In many cases that has meant a fundamental shift in service delivery paradigm. The success of such pivots is underpinned by robust infrastructure, communities, processes and procedures. It takes time to build a culture of change but, a major lesson that comes from this crisis is that we must all be ready to adapt.

We are seeing some innovative shifts with businesses not only adapting to survive but learning how to thrive in the current climate. Adapting your business model is a tough formula to get right in a high pressure situation.

The webinar may be viewed via the thumbnail below. We also have an accompanying handout available: Five Considerations in Repositioning Your Business Models Post COVID-19.

Created on 13 May 2020

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