AIB Featured Business Leader – Mark Bouris AM

AIB Featured Business Leader – Mark Bouris AM

Mark Bouris is an Australian business leader who has been innovating for years, challenging the business landscape with disruptive models across a range of different industries. He is the Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road Group, a Non-Executive Director of TZ Limited, and has established a successful career around providing smarter solutions for consumers.

With a background in accounting and financial management, Bouris founded Wizard Home Loans in 1996. He pioneered securitisation via the business, teaming up with major distribution partners across Europe to provide cheaper mortgages and undercut the banks. By 2004, the mortgage book of Wizard had rapidly grown to over $19 billion and the business was subsequently sold to General Electric for over $500 million. Bouris is said to have been a big believer in the value of corporate sponsorships, adding to the public profile of Wizard. Through the sponsoring of key AFL and rugby sporting teams, Wizard became a household name. Bouris was the Founder and Chairman until 2009, when he departed the organisation to focus on Yellow Brick Road, and later, TZ Limited.

In 2007, Yellow Brick Road was formed to provide ordinary people the services to achieve their financial dreams. Bouris said, “I wanted to bring together a range of financial products and services in one organisation, offering a holistic wealth management solution.” The most noteworthy feature of Yellow Brick Road is its national branch system, established in the suburbs and towns where the key customers live and work. Bouris adds, “The aim was to put customers at the centre of the business and bring diverse services together in one place, locally.” In addition to Yellow Brick Road, Bouris became the Chairman of TZ Limited in 2009, a company that develops and licenses proprietary technologies. When he became Executive Chairman, he said, “I am a true believer in TZ, its technology, its people and now its working rhythms.”

Aside from his wealth of practical experience, it is clear from Bouris’ resume that he values education highly. He boasts a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Commerce, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia. Bouris is also an Adjunct Professor for Banking & Finance and Business Law & Tax at UNSW Business School, holds an Honorary Doctor of Business from the same university and an Honorary Doctorate of Letters at Western Sydney University.

In recognition of his significant service to the finance industry, particularly the home loan mortgage sector, education and charitable organisations, Bouris was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 2015. And as well as being a known media personality thanks to his appearances on The Apprentice Australia and The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, Mark is the author of Wealth Wizard, The Yellow Brick Road to Your Financial Security and What it Takes.

It’s clear that Mark Bouris is a very busy businessman, with a varied career that can be admired by many of us. We’re delighted that he will be joining us at the AIB Graduation Ceremony on November 24, 2017 as Keynote Speaker.

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