6 Ways to Get Through Your Work Day When Youre Feeling Exhausted

Last modified 24 August 2022
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6 Ways to Get Through Your Work Day When Youre Feeling Exhausted

Whether you’ve had a late night of study, a baby keeping you awake all night, an evening of celebrations, or an early morning wakeup call from your neighbour’s barking dog, some days getting out of bed is just really exhausting. Having to go to work all day when you’re feeling fatigued is even more shattering, but it’s the reality that most of us face, even after hitting the snooze button several times before launching into our day. Here are 6 ways to help you get through those work days when you’re feeling exhausted.

1. Don’t overdose on coffee

For many of us, our first solution when we’re feeling sleepy is to reach for coffee or caffeinated drinks. There’s no doubt a coffee can be a great ‘pick me up’, but don’t rely on it as an energy booster to keep you going through the whole day. According to Nutrition Australia, drinking too much coffee can result in an elevated heart rate, difficulty concentrating and headache, which is likely to make you even less productive on an already tough day at the office!

2. Choose things on your to do list that won’t put you to sleep

If you’re feeling exhausted at work, 8 hours can seem like forever to pass. It’s certainly not the ideal time to get stuck into work that requires great attention to detail or projects that involve repetitive tasks. If you have the freedom to manage your own work priorities throughout the day, choose items on your ‘to do list’ that you find interesting and those that involve contact with other people. This will help you to keep you productive, if not firing on all cylinders, throughout your work day.

3. Stretch and walk around the office

If you are office bound at work, sitting in front of a computer all day is going to make you even more tired. It’s important to get up and moving throughout your day. A walk outside in the fresh air and natural light can do wonders for a tired mind. While you’re inside, take regular breaks and walk around when you can and take the stairs rather the lift.

If opportunities to walk around are rare, make sure you schedule in some breaks to do some stretches. You can even do some of these at your desk. Check out these suggestions for office stretches from Mayo Clinic.

4. Avoid heavy foods

Have you ever gone out for lunch in the middle of the day, only to return to the office feeling tired and lethargic? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. So if you’re already feeling tired and lethargic avoid heavy foods – it’s not going to make you feel better at all. Also avoid snacks high in sugar. Keep your meals and snacks healthy and nutritious if you’re feeling exhausted so your body can refuel and get the energy it needs to get through the day.

5. Drink iced water

When you’re feeling tired and lethargic, cold water is well and truly your friend. Keep hydrated and choose an icy cold water over a room temperature one to give you a refreshing lift, or splash some cold water on your face periodically throughout the day. Chewing ice can also keep you occupied and alert while you work when you’re feeling tired (as long as it’s not too annoying for your co-workers!).

6. Ensure your night is free to rest

All of the above tips will help you get by, but there really is no substitute for a decent night’s sleep. After your exhausting day at the office is finished, be sure to schedule in some ‘you time’ and get some sleep so you’re feeling better tomorrow. You are your best asset, so remember to look after yourself.

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