5 Minutes with 2015 MBA Valedictorian Lynette Daly

5 Minutes with 2015 MBA Valedictorian Lynette Daly

With significant change occurring in her role and sector, the skills and knowledge Lynette Daly acquired from her MBA have helped to manage this change and prepare for future opportunities.

What attracted you to studying an MBA?

I’d been thinking about doing an MBA for quite some time, but had put it off since my last professional certification due to my young family and career changes. I wanted to study an MBA to further my financial background, and give me some broader experience around business in general.

How are you planning on using the MBA in the next 18 months or so?

My current work situation is very interesting at the moment. I’m currently the Senior Business Manager for the Business Support Unit of Disability ACT, which is part of the Community Services Directorate in the ACT. We are going through significant change as a result of the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  A decision has been made for Disability ACT to exit as a service provider of complex support in the disability sector, and as a result, there are over 400 staff who will be out of a job. So my job is to manage through this period of change and still maintain operations at our high quality level until we fully exit by mid-2017.

The skills I’ve learnt from the MBA are already being applied on a daily basis throughout this period of change. A lot of the skills, especially around leadership, have helped with transitioning, developing and motivating staff to continue to work in the sector.

It’s also given me a really good grounding to look for other opportunities, and the confidence to look beyond my previous experience, which is quite narrow. I am actually considering looking more broadly at a strategic business role around human services or community services. It’s very exciting.

Have you gained transferable skills from studying your MBA?

Definitely. The knowledge and skills I have learnt from subjects such as operations management, strategic management and finance are all highly transferable. The learnings will be very relevant to any role, no matter where I go.

How do you see the MBA supporting you in finding new work?

The MBA has given me a really solid foundation and the confidence that I will need when applying for new roles. The MBA, combined with my current position, has given me a much broader understanding and experience, and I think having the MBA actually gives potential employers, the confidence that I have the ability and understanding to take on new opportunities in completely different areas.

Have you considered how an MBA can help you secure your next role? 

This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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