5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Cullen Haynes

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Cullen Haynes

Last year, we sat down with MBA Graduate Cullen Haynes to find out a bit about his experience studying with AIB, and the advice he would share with new students based on his journey.

What was your background and role before you took on your MBA?

I was originally in the medical world. I graduated in radiography and I moved to the hospitality arena, working as a concierge and the manager of a hotel. When I started my MBA, this was something I wanted to contribute to my career because I found my niche in hospitality and I thought this will really help with my journey and my career development.

Why did you choose the MBA at AIB over other MBA providers?

I think AIB represents flexibility; you can work while you’re studying. AIB gives you that flexibility so you can commit to just one subject a month. Coming from a previous degree where you have to do four things at once, in a world where there are so many things going on, with AIB you can commit to just one assignment and exam, and once that’s done you move onto the next subject.

What is one piece of advice that you would offer to students who are starting the MBA?

I would say one big piece of advice from me is to have a clear goal as to what you want to use your MBA for. I know some people go in thinking that they’ll get it and that everything will magically happen. I think a good person realises that an MBA is a great tool if the person is willing to utilise it and open doors for themselves.
The very fact that you have an MBA is great, but I think you need to know where you want to go with it. What I hope to get from my MBA is to show people that I am willing to take on challenges and I’m willing to grab life by the palm trees and shake it, and move on through that way.

This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant.

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