5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Julie Jardine

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Julie Jardine

Logistics Manager Julie Jardine chose to study an MBA with AIB to help define her next career step. In an interview with AIB, Julie shared her motivations and what she has gained from the MBA.

What motivated you to start the MBA journey?

I was doing a business course elsewhere when I came across the AIB MBA. For me, being able to do a 12 month MBA as opposed to a 12 month business programme was really appealing, as the MBA is a higher achievement. I also attended an information night where Lord Mayor Martin Haese spoke about how doing an MBA validated for him what he was all about, which I found inspiring.

How have you benefited from the MBA personally and professionally?

Personally, it has validated my own abilities and skills, and has given me the confidence to move forward and see what the world offers me, which I’m really excited about.

It has also opened up a whole new world for me professionally. I can now understand the keywords and strategic concepts that managers use. I’d had my own business before, but it just took it to a new level, and helped me understand the depth of what I needed to know.

How did you find studying on-campus and by distance learning?

The fact that I could study subjects on-campus really appealed to me because I’m a people person, and I knew I needed that personal connection. We also formed a study group, which was helpful when I studied subjects via distance learning.

Would you recommend the AIB MBA to others?

Absolutely. It has grown my whole perception of business and on where I want to go. It was intense, but it was absolutely worth every single moment.

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This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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