5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Matthew Slattery

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Matthew Slattery

As a Business and Operations Manager, Matthew Slattery was looking to challenge himself and invest is his long-term professional development.

What attracted you to studying an MBA?

A lot of people talk about how you need job security, but I think for me it was more about re-tuning the engine. I think you need to really pour something back into your career to tune it again. There’s new technology for an engine, and it’s the same for us, we should try to find what tests us.

How versatile have you found the MBA degree for your career?

My career has been quite varied – I have marketing background, as well as automotive experience, timber and tyres – so I had to find something that could match all the different industry experiences that I have and may have in the future. It needed to fit those moulds, and this one really has.

How did you find the support offered at AIB?

The support offered by AIB was exceptional. When you’re starting a course, and you haven’t been at university for a long time, you really need to question yourself as to whether you’re up to the challenge. But once you get rolling and you’re digging in, sometimes there are moments when you pause and need just a little bit of guidance, a little bit of care, and I think that’s where AIB really shone through.

What have you gained from the MBA and how do you see it benefiting you in the future?

I’ve gained a greater confidence and self-belief in actually referencing what I’d achieved. I’m also questioning myself at a deeper level, and the MBA has taught me new ways to really dig into those ideas, test them and feel more confident when I deliver them.

I think the MBA is going to benefit me with job opportunities, as they have already started coming in after the event. However, that’s not my main focus. My main focus is to retune myself, and develop my current position with the company that I’m with, and I think the MBA has really helped.

This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 


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