5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Paritosh Misra

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Paritosh Misra

At an AIB alumni and student event this year, we sat down with Senior Account Manager and MBA graduate Paritosh to find out about his Master’s study experience, and how the MBA has impacted his career and professional self.

What attracted you to studying an MBA?

I wanted to do an MBA for two main reasons. One was that it was the only missing link in my career of 20 years, which was primarily built on sales, marketing and team management. Secondly, as they say, learning never stops, and more so in today’s ever-changing business and economic climate. You need to constantly upgrade your skills to succeed.

How versatile have you found the MBA degree to your career?

It has helped me gain a remarkable sense of self-achievement and confidence, which is very, very important in my career. Apart from that, it has not only helped me polish my existing knowledge and experience in sales, marketing and management, but it has also given me an overall perspective of almost all aspects of managing business, which is critical if you want to grow in this market.

How did you find the support offered at AIB?

The support from AIB was wonderful. I would say it was very student-centric, both through email exchanges and telephone. I found them very responsive and very focused on the kind of queries I raised. They were prompt in getting back to me and addressing it, whether it was through their own advisors or the academic faculty members. I found them very helpful.

How do you see the MBA benefiting you in the future?

I’m very excited about the MBA. It’s helped me to build the right foundation to further my career, and the strength and knowledge to pursue higher opportunities that might come my way.

This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 


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