5 Minutes With MBA Graduate Phil Davis

5 Minutes With MBA Graduate Phil Davis

We recently had the pleasure of talking with AIB MBA Graduate Phil Davis, who shared with us why he chose to study with AIB and provided some advice for those considering undertaking an MBA.

Why did you decide to study an MBA and why did you choose AIB to do so?

I was interested in studying an MBA because my role was becoming more and more strategic and I was overseeing more business issues. Therefore, I wanted to further my business knowledge to allow myself to be the best I could be in my career.

My main reason for choosing AIB was the programme flexibility, which I found very attractive as life can change quickly and without warning.

What was the best aspect of the MBA for you and did you find it challenging?

Throughout my MBA I learnt many practical concepts and I was able to adopt a holistic view, which enabled me to understand how strategy plays out within an organisation.

The MBA was certainly challenging from the point of view that I was striving to do the best I could, so I was constantly pushing myself to achieve the best results.

What advice would you share with students who are about to begin their MBA?

I would advise new students to start their MBA with a clear understanding of what their goals and desired outcomes are, to allow them to determine at what pace they want to complete their MBA. If it is possible for them to do so, I also recommend on-campus learning, as it allowed me to learn from other students how principles and practices are applied across a number of different industries, rather than just my own.

The pressure of completing an accelerated programme was also of great benefit to me. I would advise prospective students that you will certainly learn practical theories but in addition you will also learn how to manage your time, which will benefit you in the workplace and prepare you for senior roles.

This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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