5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Stefanie Federico

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Stefanie Federico

AIB MBA Graduate Stefanie Federico discusses her motivations for undertaking the MBA and how practical the AIB qualification is in the everyday business world. What motivated you to do an MBA?

I really wanted to do some further study to advance my career and go into a more business focused role. The MBA offered me a broad knowledge base about business in a short amount of time, which was exactly what I wanted.

How did you find the AIB MBA programme?

I was not in the position to commit to a three or four year degree, so AIB’s 12 Month MBA suited me well. It wasn’t like other degrees where you learn specific skills that you never use. I learnt extremely useful skills and ones which I come across every day in the workplace.

How did you find the experience with AIB?

I did my degree via distance learning, and although at times it was challenging, AIB’s staff and faculty were really lovely and gave me as much guidance as I required.

How is the AIB MBA practical in your current role?

My AIB MBA helps me every day in dealing with customers, dealing with different managers, and dealing with other colleagues. I regularly hear terms that I learned throughout the degree, and this new knowledge enables me to come across more efficient and professional as well.

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This article has been constructed by Laura Hutton from an AIB video interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participating student. 

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