5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Trevor Morgan

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Trevor Morgan

On the day of his graduation from the AIB MBA programme, we sat down with Trevor Morgan to discuss his experience studying by distance learning, and how the MBA has helped to open doors for his career.

What motivated you to study an MBA?

I had been in a number of people leadership roles and executive management positions in the past, so I really wanted to learn and apply the theory from an MBA to those leadership roles and give myself the best possible chance of furthering my career.

Why did you decide to study with AIB?

There are a number of reasons! I was attracted by the ability to study via distance and have that flexibility as I was in a national role and travelled around the country a lot. I also have two young children, so I needed to find flexible hours and not be locked into a strict timetable. I also had a friend who was studying their MBA with AIB, which helped. And finally, it was reasonably priced.

How did studying by distance learning help you to fit your studies in with your family and travel commitments?

Studying by distance meant that I was not locked into studying at certain times. When I travelled for work, which was quite often, I would take my textbooks with me and study at the airport. It also allowed me to go home after work, put my children to bed and then study for a couple of hours. So it was fantastic that I could get the study hours done and still spend those after work hours with my children – it was a perfect fit for the stage of life that I’m currently in.

How has completing the MBA helped you in your career?

I’m currently doing a secondment as Head of Marketing for Commercial and Global Banking within my company, which is HSBC. I would definitely say that that opportunity probably wouldn’t have come up if I hadn’t have applied myself by starting my MBA and also sharing some of my findings and results with senior leaders.

Would you encourage others to study an MBA?

I would definitely encourage others to invest in themselves and enhance their career prospects with an MBA. Applying the theory that you learn to your work environment really gives you the best possible opportunity to broaden your horizons, move into different departments or different areas, and it gives you a great springboard for future career opportunities.

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This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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