5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Vaseetheran Sathasivam

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Vaseetheran Sathasivam

We had the opportunity to chat with many of our fantastic graduates at our 2014 AIB Graduation, including MBA Graduate Vaseetheran Sathasivam, who travelled over from Sri Lanka to receive his qualification and enjoy the event. He spoke to us about why he chose to study the MBA from AIB, and some of the benefits he has seen from his degree.

What made you decide to study an MBA?

I am from Sri Lanka, and I’m currently working for a Governmental Trade Organisation as a Product Safety Officer so I am looking after the product safety and my organisation’s attitude towards safety within the supply chain. I am a Chemist, and when I was working as a chemist I had a good understanding of the business, and the requirements of that operation. Rather than just doing what my Boss says, I wanted to understand why he is giving us those instructions, and learn more about management in the operations field. That is why I wanted to do an MBA.

How has completing an MBA changed your life?

I can feel the difference within me, from before and after the MBA. Before the MBA, I was a primarily technical person – but now I can understand the operations arm of my business, and how every action has an effect on the success and profit of the organisation. I understand more now than I did before, and I also feel that I work far more efficiently than before.

Would you recommend the MBA to your friends and colleagues?

Definitely. I would recommend it to all of my colleagues and friends because it is more practical than every other MBA I investigated – you don’t just memorise information like with other courses. The main reason I chose to study through AIB was the appealing course content. Subjects like Corporate Governance, Leadership and Entrepreneurship – they are not usually included in an MBA in Sri Lanka.

When you combine these specialised subjects with basic operational subjects like Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Operations Issues and Supply Chain Management, you become a real Master of Business. That is very important.

This article has been constructed by Simone Ball from an AIB video interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant.

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