5 Minutes with MBA Graduate AnnMarie Colangelo

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate AnnMarie Colangelo

AIB MBA Graduate Ann-Marie Colangelo shared her experience with the Australian Institute of Business MBA programme, including her reasons for undertaking further higher education, and why she values the practical challenges offered throughout her MBA.


What made you decide to undertake an MBA with AIB?

To be honest, I’d been looking to do an MBA for quite some time. I thought if I could find a course that allows me to still work full time, still be very devoted to my children, and be able to do a course at different times like on the weekends, I would be able to achieve my MBA. AIB offered me a programme that was suited to me and my lifestyle.

What were some of the challenges you faced throughout your MBA at AIB?

I hadn’t studied for about 20 years so going back to the study and putting all that effort in, I was a little bit concerned about whether I could pick up the academic ways of learning again, or if I could do all the assignments on time. It was a little bit of a struggle for me because I hadn’t done it for so long, but the support offered by AIB is fantastic.

Not only do you have the chance to meet with your lecturers and contact your lecturers, but it has such a workplace learning focus, which makes it feel less daunting. All of my subjects, I was able to apply to my work, and to change the way some of our processes occurred.

What was your final project about, and how did it benefit your business?

My final project was about engagement of people, about how to engage people in a small workforce and still have a positive impact on customer service and business outcome. Keeping people engaged is very important to me. Within the final project, not only was I able to research that, but I was able to prove the theory to my management team who now implement the same processes across Australia and New Zealand – and they’ve put me in charge of running that process. So from my project, I’ve been able to get a promotion which is very exciting.

What do you feel is a key advantage to being an MBA graduate?

People listen to what you have to say, because of what you’ve learnt and what you can holistically put together now – people listen to you, see what you’ve got to say and give you a chance to put that into practice. I couldn’t have done that before completing my MBA.

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