5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Peterson Asante

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Peterson Asante

We caught up with MBA Graduate Peterson Asante during our 2014 Graduation Ceremony, to learn a little more about why he chose to study an MBA with the Australian Institute of Business, and how he was supported while studying.

Why did you choose to study an MBA with AIB?

Well, I find the AIB MBA to be a practical MBA, and also I could easily fit it around my business schedule so I saw that it was the best option for me. I have always been thinking about completing an MBA, and it has certainly changed my life. Since completing my degree, even before my graduation, I have changed jobs and set up my own business – and the skills and knowledge I have acquired have equipped me to really go into the business world with confidence.

How did you find the support you received while studying with AIB?

It was great. I worked hard to prioritise my activities – obviously, my focus was on looking after my family, and I arranged my study time around that. My family were great.

My employer was very understanding of the pressures of study, so when I had assignments I made sure I discussed it with my employer, and I was able to work around it – read my textbooks and study my work materials and work for the exams.

There was also enormous support from AIB regarding textbooks, and also some materials that I needed to support my assignments and exams.

Would you recommend the AIB MBA to your friends and colleagues?

I would most highly do so. For those who have families and a tight schedule, I believe AIB offers a fantastic option to complete a degree.

This article has been constructed by Simone Ball from an AIB video interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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