5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Ron Malhotra

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Ron Malhotra

We were lucky enough to speak to some our fantastic graduates in the lead up to Australian Institute of Business 2014 Graduation Ceremony, including MBA Graduate Ron Malhotra, who shared a few of the benefits he’s seen from the completion of his MBA.

How has completing an MBA affected your life?

I think the Masters in Business Administration has given me some good critical thinking skills, and it has enhanced my commercial acumen. I always wanted to learn more about the operations of a business and how different components of a business come together, so I think it has given me that great foundation of knowledge.

It has also given me the ability to dissect information and to see how the different parts of a business come together from a growth perspective, from a start-up perspective; things like that. That’s been particularly beneficial to me in starting my own business.

What would be the one piece of advice you would give to prospective students studying the MBA?

I would probably say, don’t treat the Masters in Business as an academic course. It’s not just about having a piece of paper – you need to be very open minded, and use it as an opportunity to speak to people in your networks and apply your newfound knowledge. Gone are the days when it is just about the academic content. You have got to take a more pragmatic view of the studies and one great thing about the AIB course is that it allows you to do that.

This article has been constructed by Simone Ball from an AIB video interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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