5 Minutes with PhD Graduate Dr Chris Riley

5 Minutes with PhD Graduate Dr Chris Riley

Australian Institute of Business PhD graduate Dr Chris Riley chats with us about his journey through doctoral studies and his relationship with AIB as a facilitator in our 12 Month MBA programme.

What do you class as the advantage of AIB’s MBA programme?

Action Learning is a great advantage. The power of action learning comes from the fact that you can be studying in the workplace, using the workplace as your lab, if you like. While you are working on something of importance to the organisation, you can be learning and applying that learning in the workplace.

The other major advantage at AIB is the faculty. All of our faculty come from a practical experience and background, and many of them are continuing to be practicing managers in their own right or in their field – so they’re switched on to and practically involved in the fields in which they’re teaching.

What drew you to a doctoral qualification?

I’d been interested in the idea of doing a doctorate, so I began my doctoral studies here at AIB. It involved a particular interest that developed over time, because of what I’d seen and experienced in terms of action learning and action research – both the methodology and the outcomes.

What value do you see in an AIB MBA?

Personally, I find it hard to fault anything in terms of the outputs that are achieved through the MBA programme. An MBA in particular can be a fairly generic product – in that, if you talk to employers and say you’ve got an MBA, they will know that you’ve gone through a certain discipline to get it. With the 12 Month MBA from AIB, they will know of an even stronger discipline because you’re working full-time and studying intensively all in the space of 12 months.

This article has been constructed by Simone Ball from an AIB video interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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