AIB Academic Ingy Shafei takes part in global business and finance research conference

AIB Academic Ingy Shafei takes part in global business and finance research conference

One of AIB’s academics, Dr Ingy Shafei, has presented an academic paper at the 4th Global Business and Finance Research Conference which was held at the Marriott Hotel in Melbourne on 25th – 27th May.

Ingy also chaired the Management and Marketing session of the conference, during which she presented her paper.

The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr Shafei on her achievements, which includes having the paper provisionally accepted in World Review of Business Research, a double-blind peer-reviewed journal.

Dr Shafei said she strives to be a regular attendee of such conferences as they provide an opportunity to share new ideas, discuss ideas for future collaboration in the field, network with established and new scholars and publish in academic and industry journals.

“The conference was an extremely enjoyable experience and I had the chance to present my paper, obtain comments and meet many members and peers in the academic world,” she said.

“I am looking forward to taking part in further academic conferences and I am endeavouring to be published in leading academic journals.”

Dr Shafei’s academic paper, entitled, ‘Insights for Catalogue Marketing Acceptance in Developing Markets: The Case of Safeer Catalogue,’ provides an insight into the viability of catalogue marketing in the retail industry.

Dr Shafei conducted a study on the Safeer Catalogue Business Model to help establish a deeper and sounder understanding about the catalogue shopping business through a tele-survey with a stratified sample of 500 customers and prospects.

“It is an extremely interesting area since physical store location no longer holds the same competitive advantage that it used to hold. Consumers that shop both in the retail store and online have a lifetime value that is almost double and are extremely profitable,” Dr Shafei said.

“In 2013 alone, marketers mailed more than 11.9 billion catalogues! This area is not extensively researched and marketers would benefit greatly from having a deeper understanding of this tool for use in marketing campaigns.”

“The result of the study demonstrated that organisations need to embrace and thrive in a multi-channel commerce environment and need to position themselves for long-term success. They must assess online competition carefully, integrate offering and develop unique assets to create unique value,” Dr Shafei said.

“Through being ‘A Multichannel Merchant’ (including the online and physical catalogue), they will be able to effectively integrate across channels, sell and deliver,” she said.

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