BDO Canada and Daryl Maduke Strengthen AIB’s Industry Focus

BDO Canada and Daryl Maduke Strengthen AIB’s Industry Focus

This year, AIB is expanding its Industry Partnerships initiative to Canada, engaging local leaders to share their business insights and experiences as Industry Guest Lecturers. The insights they share enhance the practical learning journey for students and enable a greater understanding of MBA theories and principles in practice. Partnering with AIB to do just that is Daryl Maduke, BDO’s Western Canadian Tax Leader and International Tax Partner. As the MBA’s finance subjects are often considered the most difficult of the curriculum, Daryl’s insights will be of particular value to AIB students.

Daryl has over 15 years’ experience in public practice, advising on both domestic and international tax planning. He helps clients with complex cross-border and domestic issues, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructures, capital and equity.

Interestingly, Daryl didn’t originally intend to go into accounting. His undergraduate degree was in physics, and it wasn’t until his third year that he began to have doubts about that career path. Fascinating though it was, it was also highly specialised. Daryl wanted a career where his skills would be transferable even when the market shifted, so he took a step back and considered his options.

Having worked in hospitality to fund his studies, he already knew a lot about the service industry. With his analytical skill set and customer service experience, he decided he would be better suited in an advisory role. After graduating with his Bachelor of Science, Daryl began his studies to become a Chartered Accountant through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia.

Before joining BDO, Daryl started his career at Republic Companies Group, focusing on public companies and large private clients. The next move came a few years later when the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 came into effect. This was an Act to regulate corporate and auditing accountability as a response to high profile scandals including the Enron and WorldCom frauds. It required Boards to take a number of steps towards ongoing accountability, which meant that US companies suddenly needed a lot more specialist assistance. Daryl was one of those who answered the need, taking a secondment at BDO’s San Francisco office.

The experience was valuable, helping him realise that working with public companies was not his preferred specialty. He moved into the tax group instead and has remained there for the past 12 years. In that time, the BDO Head of International Tax mentored Daryl, helping him to better serve international corporate and international high net worth clients. In 2017, Daryl was appointed as BDO’s Western Canadian Tax Leader.

Daryl credits the mentorship he received as extremely valuable to his career development. He advises young professionals to observe management wherever possible and request to sit in on meetings to listen and learn. Daryl points out, “Even if you’re just the scribe for the meeting, go in and watch the leaders in your organisation. Watch how they approach things and then come back to them afterwards and ask them questions.”

Daryl attributes his success as much to his soft skills as his technical expertise. “Going back to my service beginnings,” he said, “one learned to deal with conflict resolution and how to communicate ideas.”

Public speaking is another important skill for anyone in an advisory role, and Daryl advises taking the chance to do presentations when the opportunity presents itself. Daryl says, “You’ll develop a level of comfort with speaking in front of others and also learn how to explain technical information in a reasonable, intelligible fashion,”

Daryl also credits education as critical to his career achievements. “My undergraduate degree in physics taught me strategic thinking, complex problem solving and the ability to break things down logically,” he said. Next, the chartered accountant program added an industry focus as well as soft and technical skills around finance, tax and economics. “To keep up-to-date is a continual learning exercise. In this day and age, you won’t be able to learn one set of skills and keep them sharp without continual investment,” Daryl said.

As for tips for our students, Daryl’s recommendation is to find an entrepreneurial environment and surround yourself with people you enjoy working with, as that breeds a culture of success. He elaborated, “If you’re in an environment where you’re not being supported by either the management team or the firm you’re with, that’s going to make it tough to be successful personally and professionally.”

We look forward to sharing more of Daryl’s insights with our students, and welcome him and BDO Canada on board as an Industry Partner.

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