Preparing for a Career Transition: How the MBA Supported Kane

Preparing for a Career Transition: How the MBA Supported Kane

After working for one company for his entire career, Kane Ryan found himself at a crossroads when that company – Holden – announced the closure of its operations. To prepare for the change that was ahead of him and to formalise the experience he had gained over the years, Kane decided to study an MBA. With AIB, he could leverage his management experience to gain entry to the MBA, as prior formal study is not a requirement for entry.

“I started off as a toolmaker. Straight out of Year 11 I did my apprenticeship, and over 17 years I worked my way up to hold management positions at Holden. When the closure announcement was made, I decided I needed a qualification to back up all my experience in previous roles.

“The biggest and hardest part was time management. As I got further through my MBA, I’d stay back a few hours after work because I had found that it was a great way to really focus on and hit my deadlines. My advice is not to leave things to the last minute. I found that out the hard way. Give yourself the time you need and do it for yourself because it’s worthwhile at the end of the process to come through with your MBA.”

Kane shares with us what it was like to study the MBA as his first qualification, and how he managed it through the period of change, with a young family at home.

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