Lyn Goodear and AHRI Partner with AIB to Lead Professionals into the Future of Work

Lyn Goodear and AHRI Partner with AIB to Lead Professionals into the Future of Work

Lyn Goodear has made people her profession. She’s the CEO of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) as well as the Secretary General and Treasurer of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management.

Lyn joined AHRI in 2005 as National Manager of Professional Development and was appointed to the role of CEO five years ago. She previously held leadership and lecturing roles at Deakin University and South West Institute of TAFE. She has worked in accounting within the mining and engineering industries, both within Australia and the United States, and has run her own consulting business.

Lyn has a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Education (Leadership and Management). She is an alumnus of the Mt Eliza Business School Leadership Program and the Advanced Human Resources Executive Program of the Ross Business School in Michigan, USA. Reflecting on her passion for learning, Lyn shared, “I am a bit of a lifelong learning advocate.”

With such a wealth of experience to share with our students, Lyn is a valuable addition to our Industry Guest Lecturer lineup. We’re also delighted to welcome AHRI as an Industry Partner.

Australian HR Institute

AHRI is the professional association for human resource practitioners in Australia, with around 20,000 members. AHRI seeks to bring clarity to the HR profession, both by defining good HR standards and practice expectations for practitioners and by communicating those to employers. It operates with one eye on the future, knowing that tomorrow’s workforce may look radically different from today’s.

As a member of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management and the World Federation of People Management Associations, AHRI belongs to a global network of HR associations that enables the open sharing of research and issues affecting the business of human resources worldwide.

The Future of Work

A recent survey undertaken by AHRI found that 80 per cent of its members think that huge technological changes will affect the working landscape within the next one to 10 years; another 12% think that change is already upon us. That has implications at every level of business, and human resources have an integral role to play in the transition. The concept of technological unemployment and ensuing social and economic changes mean that business leaders, in partnership with their HR practitioners, will have to make big decisions about their workforces. Lyn sees the creation of a humanitarian framework in which the new world of work can exist as instrumental. She explained, “I think it’s inevitable that much of the work that we do today is likely to be done in other ways in the future. The opportunity there is that we can partner with the business in the decisions around what we automate, when we automate it, and how we automate it.”

While there’s a challenge there, Lyn believes it’s equally an opportunity. “The flip is that automation could offer an abundance of opportunities and free us up to be more effective in the workplace.” Lyn says that the key is to be part of the decision making and frameworks. “Don’t just let it happen,” she says.

Education, Lyn believes, will become increasingly critical in this environment. A focus on diversity and depth of skills will help us reposition for the gap caused by technological unemployment.

Overall, Lyn is positive about the coming changes. Whether it’s self-driving cars, automated news services or disruptive brands like Uber or Amazon, she believes that there are countless opportunities to apply new technologies and add value. “Organisations are driven to be competitive and to be sustainable, and complacency is a recipe for failure. Competition does amazing things,” says Lyn.

Clearly at the forefront of the changing workplace, Lyn’s practical insights will be of value to AIB students. We warmly welcome her on board as an Industry Guest Lecturer.

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