5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Ezio Forcella

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Ezio Forcella

MBA Graduate and National Manager at John Sample Automotive, Ezio Forcella, shared with us a little about his journey with AIB, including how he managed his studies and how he has benefited from completing the MBA.

Why did you choose AIB over other providers?

I looked at quite a few MBAs and I liked the format of the AIB MBA. I preferred focusing on one subject per month, rather than having to juggle multiple subjects at the same time. I actually enjoyed the study believe it or not! I looked forward to reading the course materials and learning. I got a lot out of the subjects and I thought they were all valuable.

How did you manage your MBA studies, career and personal life?

Before I began the MBA, I explained to my family what I wanted to do, and they were extremely supportive. Whilst I was studying, I was working six days a week in a retail environment. I had to fit my study in during the evenings and on Sundays when I would have my day off. It was like having two full-time jobs, but the beauty of the AIB MBA is that it’s flexible and you can fit it around your work schedule. The first subject was very daunting, as initially, it seemed like a lot of information to digest. When it got to about the third subject, however, I had worked out how to plan my time. It became easier to get through the workload after I had developed a systematic routine for studying. You have to give up a bit of social life, but it’s worth it. I said to myself that doing the MBA would only take a year of my life and that’s what drove me. I am now planning a holiday with my family and I feel better about doing it now, because I’ve earned it.

What did you get out of the AIB MBA?

Having gone straight into work after finishing school, I always wanted to set myself the challenge of further studies, as I always thought I was capable of completing a degree. I’ve applied a lot of the knowledge that I learnt during my MBA. In particular, I can now communicate more effectively with senior managers up the line. The MBA has certainly helped me progress and build my knowledge.

What advice would you offer to students beginning their MBA?

My advice would be that if you start an MBA, commit to it and don’t let anything distract you. The hardest part was in the middle of the MBA – the hump, but you just need to persevere with it. If you put the effort in, the reward will come.

This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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