5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Jonathan Nolan

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Jonathan Nolan

When we sat down with Jonathan before our 2015 graduation ceremony, he shared why a generalised MBA was the right choice for him, and how flexibility from the degree was of utmost importance.

What motivated you to study a generalised MBA?

The motivation for my MBA came from the desire to keep up with today’s business methodology. I’ve found that studies that may have been applicable 10 or 20 years ago change over of time, and I wanted to keep pace with today’s environment.

I didn’t want to study a specialised degree because of the importance of adaptability in the corporate environment. I wanted to try to do an MBA that suited my qualities and my strengths, so a generalised MBA best suited what I wanted to do.

How has the MBA benefited you?

The MBA has benefited me in several ways, but one in particular has been the confidence it has instilled. I’ve also had a few small businesses ask for my advice on particular issues, whether it be financial or marketing advice, and I was able to utilise the different areas of the MBA in this.

Can you share a bit about your position at Qantas and how you applied the MBA?

I manage a small team at Qantas Airlines, and we look after the content for policy, corporate and training manuals, and all the documentation that goes through the airline in different forms. When applying the MBA back to my role, I was able to get a greater understanding of the needs of other departments that integrate into mine.

A subject that I found quite beneficial was entrepreneurship. Understanding the mindsets of leaders – what they need to encompass in their learnings, what they need to demonstrate, what they need to understand – it was very important for me. That allowed me to see the difference between a manager, a business owner, and a calculated risk taker.

How did you find studying by distance learning?

I’m a family man. I’ve got three kids, a dog, a mortgage, and a full-time job, so it’s a very busy lifestyle. A distance learning programme was the only kind I could possibly entertain, there was no other option for me. I could study at night-time or I could do it in the mornings; any available time that I had I would piece in study, and that was very beneficial.

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This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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